Defenders of Human Rights  is proud to Actively support the Investigations into the Satanists Paedophiles Networks  around the world and in Australia.    Together with  Veterans For Child Rescue,  we can  free the  children that are abused,  raped and  and stop the murders  of children by  Satanists Paedophiles.  We are Not in the least scared of  Satanists Paedophiles and their Corrupt connections in Australia and these Criminals and their connection in high places,  will end up in Jail.


Our VIPR Team (Veterans Investigating Pedophile Rings) come from the highest levels of Military Special Operations, Federal Law Enforcement, International Counter-Poaching Operations, The Intelligence Community, The Diplomatic Community and Film & Television.

Together, we can work with federal and local law enforcement to help arrest these predators and liberate the child victims. We’ll share the shocking events through an unflinching television docu-series, which tears the lid off this cesspool for all to see!